Publications - Munitions Safety, Transport & Storage

  • L-144 Ed2 Munitions Safety and Standardization Database (MSAS) User Manual for MSAS 1.0

    November 2009

    MSAS is a library of NATO STANAGs and APs (Allied Publications), other international standards, national standards, international treaties and laws related to munitions and particularly munitions safety. MSAS also contains information on the NATO bodies working on these issues

    Vebjörn Hanssen (NO) (Now with Defence System Management Division, Norway)Patrick Touzé (Project Manager) Angeline Liekens (Information Specialist)
  • O-122 Multi-National Data Exchange

    September 2008


    The Operational Tempo in today’s deployed environment combined with lessons learned from historical accidents have created a shared vision and policy by many nations to procure and field safer munitions.

    Thomas N. Taylor (Munitions Safety, Transport and Storage)
  • L-145 Explosion Effects Software

    September 2008

    Sharing knowledge of a process that works for you, such as a software programme that helps you calculate and predict the fragment flight trajectories and/or velocities, and you will help develop or maintain a better working climate professionally, showcase a useful process that you are confident

    Thomas N. Taylor (Munitions Safety, Transport and Storage)
  • L-136 Europe's Anti-Terrorism Protection Construction Strategy

    June 2007

    Europe has never been so prosperous, so secure or so free. The violence of the first half of the 20th Century has given way to a period of peace and stability unprecedented in European History.

    Rick Krosenbrink Eric Deschambault (Munitions Logistics - Transport and Storage)
  • L-132 TNT Equivalency: Misconceptions and Reality

    October 2006

    TNT equivalency is used as a basis for several important government regulation issues that include limits imposed upon the size and location of explosive storage facilities, siting and construction of explosive manufacturing and test facilities, and the packaging and transportation of explosives.

    Frédéric Peugeot (Warhead Technology) Eric Deschambault (Munitions Safety, Transport & Storage)Dr Pierre-François Péron (Warhead Technology)