Mitigation Technologies for Munitions (MTM)

Mitigation techniques for munitions is a searchable database containing state of the art mitigation technologies with regards to less sensitive storage configurations and insensitive munitions design methods. It is intended to support munitions designers, IM boards, program managers and the military by offering a source of potential options or solutions to satisfy today's munitions IM Requirements.

MTM provides access to technologies to mitigate the reaction of munitions against IM threats as defined by the NATO IM policy: fast heating, slow cook-off, bullet impact, fragment impact, sympathetic reaction and shaped charge jet. Munitions manufacturers may use it to design less sensitive munitions and containers (e.g. venting, thermal protection). The military will find storage solutions specifically to avoid sympathetic reaction (e.g. barrier, storage arrangement).

A powerful search engine and table provide a short description of the technologies and its related attributes. The numerous criteria allow searching by text, threat, component, category of munitions, mitigation family, configuration, design change and reference. In the detailed view, each technology is fully described and illustrated with picture(s) when available. The user can easily navigate from one technology to another by using the arrows on a keyboard or by swiping on a touchscreen.

The application offers the possibility to select a list of mitigations and then print or create a PDF document.

The active behaviour of the application makes it convenient for use with smartphone and tablets.

Every technology is fully referenced, searchable and in certain cases access is granted directly to the source material.

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