Munition Safety Awards

MSIAC presents awards for technical and career achievements in munition safety (MS). Make a Nomination…

Awards will be made in two categories:

The MSIAC Award for Technical Achievement will recognize individuals or teams who have made significant contributions in research and/or engineering related to the field of munition safety, potentially on a specific product or technology development effort, weapon system, or technological innovation. Nominees should have published open technical papers and/or presentations at recognized symposia (for example the NDIA IM/EMTS, IMEMG, PARARI, DDESB Seminar, or similar.) Attention is paid to technical achievement that has been incorporated into fielded systems, and that is helping to protect current fighting forces. This award is intended to bring attention to technical successes, increasing awareness such that technical achievements may be shared and further increase the safety of all munitions.

The MSIAC Award for Career Achievement will recognize individuals who have made consistent contributions in research, engineering, production, procurement, fielding, standardization, policy, etc. related to munition safety over an extended period. Nominees should have a long record of open papers, presentations, and achievements in the field of munition safety. Thus they will have demonstrated a career of dedication to the cause of munition safety, as well as an emphasis on sharing information to the benefit of the community.

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1997 Winners High Performance Less Sensitive Penetrator Matra BAE Dynamics (FRA / UK) Nathaniel Saidenberg
Patrick Blanc
Henri Miermont
Kerry Pakullus
SNPE (FRA) Bruno Nouguez
Special Mention High Performance Structural Composite for IM Applications Thiokol (USA) Victor Singer
Warren L. Graser
Dual Explosive Warhead Technology NSWC (USA) Michael Vittorio
Design of EIDS SNPE (FRA) Jean Isler
Alain Bécuwe
1999 Winner Atlantic Research Corporation (USA) Kenneth Graham
2001 Winner Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missiile (JASSM) System Lockheed Martin & AFRL (USA) David A. York
Ron Wilson
Eric E. Roach
George W. Brookes
Glenn Overby
Joseph G. Glenn
Stephen Struck
John F. Leahy
2003 Technical Achievements ESSM Composite Rocket Motor Nammo Raufoss AS (NOR) Kai Fossumstuen
Stein Tenden
Øystein Bjørge
Eirik Løkke
Onno Verberne
Tor-Alexander Fjeldly
Advanced Development High Explosives Team NSWC IH (USA) Karen Burrows
K. Wayne Reed
Daren Knutson
George Hennings
Joseph Mackey
Gerald Laib
Joseph Change
Amy Didion
Steven Jones
Craig Cornish
Brian Shaffer
Harold Sandusky
Robert Hutcheson
Dorothy Cichra
Kirk Newman
Louis Montesi
Honorable Mention Efforts in Support of IM Multi-purpose Bombs EURENCO (FRA) Patrick Salle
Patrick Blanc
Yvon Laudrin
Bruno Nouguez
Bernard Mahe
I-RDX® EURENCO (FRA) Alain Freche
Joseph Aviles
Lionel Donnio
Christian Spyckerelle
Serge Lecume
2004 Technical Achievements Reduced Vulnerability, Melt-Cast, DNAN-Based High Explosives for Low-Cost Ammunition (60 mm Mortar) TACOM ARDEC / ATK Thiokol Propulsion (USA) John B. Niles
Pamela Ferlazzo
Roger Wong
Daniel Doll
Nikki Rasmussen
Alan Allred
Reduced Vulnerability, Melt-Cast, NTO-Based High Explosives for Low-Cost Ammunition (155mm Artillery) GIAT Industries (FRA) Gérard Augustin
Philippe Morand
Régis Aumasson
Maryse Vaullerin
Reduced Vulnerability Cast-cured, I-RDX®  Based High Explosives for Low-Cost Ammunition Rheinmetall (GER) Paul Wanninger
EURENCO (FRA) Bruno  Nouguez
Loïc Minguet
Bernard Mahé
Nathalie Maher
SNCTEC (CAN) Pierre Pelletier
2006 Career Achievement EURENCO (FRA) Alain Freche
US Navy (USA) Ray Beauregard
Technical Achievement IM-Compliant Propellants & the Introduction of New IM-Improved Gun Propellants / Charge Systems Nitrochemie / Rheinmetall RWM
EIDS Properties for a Cast-cured Plastic Bonded Explosive FOXIT Underwater Use FOXIT Team, Oy Forcit AB (FIN)
Special Mention SLIM, a Minimum Smoke, 1.3 Haz Class, IM Compliant Rocket Motor ROXEL (UK)
Flight Qualified Composite Case Missile Airframe Composite Case Captive Carry (C4) Qualification Program Team (USA)
2007 Career Achievement US Navy (USA) Richard Bowen
Technical Achievement Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) 328th ASG, Eglin AFB (USA)
PMA-259 Naval Air Systems Command (USA)
2009 Career Achievement DOSG (UK) Peter Barnes
Technical Achievement General Purpose Bomb Insensitive Munitions PMA-201 Naval Air Systems Command (USA) Vicki Brady
Que Bui-Dang
Manfred (Fred) Becker
NAWC China Lake (USA)
328th ASG, Eglin AFB (USA) Joe Stromsness
Steve Kelley
Stephen Struck
2010 Career Achievement WIWEB (GER) Roland Wild
Technical Achievement Development of the
120mm IM HE-T Round
NAMMO Raufoss AS (NOR)
GT-OTS St Marks (USA)
BAE Systems, Holston (USA)
2012 Career Achievement NAWC China Lake (USA) Alice Atwood
Technical Achievement Implementation of Reduced Sensitivity Explosive IMX-101 US Army PM-CAS (USA) Jim Rutkowski
Charlie Patel
ARDEC (USA) Sanjev K. Singh
Philip Samuels
Anthony Di Stasio
US ARL (USA) Brian Roos
BAE Systems (USA) Mike Ervin
Virgil Fung
Brian Alexander
Alberto Carrillo
2013 Career Achievement Picatinny Arsenal (USA) Dr Pai-Lien Lu
Aerojet Rocketdyne (USA) Ken Graham
Technical Achievement LLM-105, a highly Insensitive Explosive LLNL (USA) Philip Pagoria
2015 Career Achievement Picatinny Arsenal (USA) Ernest Baker
MBDA TDW (GER) Werner Arnold
US Navy (USA) Vicki Brady
Technical Achievement Higher Energy Insensitive Munition Fill Implementation into Mortars US Army PM-CAS, ARDEC & BAE Systems (USA) James Chang
Charlie Patel
Leila Zunino
Dan Napolitano
Seham Salazar
Nick Baldwin
Philip Samuels
Daniel Zaloga
Keyur Patel
Virgil Fung
Mike Ervin
Brian Alexander
David Price
2016 Career Achievement EURENCO (FRA) Bruno Nouguez
AFRL (USA) Stephen Struck
Technical Achievement Brimstone 2 Missile ROXEL (UK) Richard Johnson
Andrew Strickland
TDW (GER) Christian Euba
MBDA (UK) Colin Lapsley
DOSG (UK) Holly Pennington
Chris Roberts
Ray Gibson
Lance Finnay
DE&S (UK) Anthony Bates
Special Mention US Navy (USA) Ronald Derr
2018 Career Achievement US Navy (USA) Thomas Swierk
Technical Achievement Advancement in Fast Heating Test Methods Engility, Inc. (USA) Alice Atwood
WTD91 (GER) Alexander Blumenberg
MOD (NLD) Albert Bouma
FMV (SWE) Per Cederberg
DGA (FRA) Fabien Chassagne
NAWC China Lake (USA) Kevin P. Ford
NSWCDD (USA) Dave Hubble
Bofors Test Centre (SWE) Rickard Lindström
DGA (FRA) Pierre-François Péron
TNO (NLD) J.H.G. (Gert) Scholtes
US Navy (USA) Thomas Swierk
Bofors Test Centre (SWE) Jon Toreheim
NAWC China Lake (USA) Ephraim Washburn
NSWCDD (USA) Jon Yagla
2019 Career Achievement APT Research (USA) Michael Swisdak
DDESB (USA) Dr Jerry Ward
US Navy (USA) Edward Daugherty
Technical Achievement F21 IM Heavyweight Torpedo Warhead Development Naval Group (FR) Damien Courrillaud
Naval Group (FRA) Rodolphe Fougeyrollas
EURENCO (FRA) Luc Chaffois
EURENCO (FRA) Bruno Nouguez
EURENCO (FRA) Vincent Coisnon
EURENCO (FRA) Philippe Chabin
2021 Career Achievement DGA/IPE Patrick Lamy
Technical Achievement Efforts in the assessment of HD 1.3 NAWCWD Aubrey Farmer
NAWCWD Nathaniel Davis
NAWCWD Cynthia Romo
NAWCWD Kevin P. Ford
NAWCWD Brian Bojko
NAWCWD Austin Bons
SMS, Inc. Clint Guymon
ARCTOS Jon Chrostowski
Engility, Inc. Alice I. Atwood
SATECH Thomas L. Boggs
DDESB Josephine Covino
NAVFAC EXWC Michael Oesterle
2022 Career Achievement NOSSA (USA) Ken Tomasello
Technical Achievement Development of an IM aircraft bomb model Mk82 General Purpose (Emploi Général) Reduced Vulnerability (Vulnérabilité) RWMI (ITA) Fabio Sgarzi
RWMI (ITA) Gianpetro Roccatagliata
EURENCO (FRA) Bruno Nouguez
EURENCO (FRA) Philippe Chabin
DGA (FRA) Laurent Lafargue
DGA (FRA) Kévin Roussel
DGA - IM Committee (FRA) Joffrey Duchon
DGA - IM Committee (FRA) Jérôme L'Hostis
DGA - IM Committee (FRA) Frank Dupuis
DGA - IM Committee (FRA) Fabien Chassagne
DGA - IM Committee (FRA) Valérie Vincent
DGA - IM Committee (FRA) Murat Erdogan
2024 Career Achievement Philip Samuels