MSIAC Accident Database Exchange (MADx)

MADx allows easy searching in over 16,200 accident reports associated with munitions. Information is provided by Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The database can be accessed by MSIAC members who are also government employees from one those nations. We invite other nations to contribute to MADx and in turn gain access to the database.

MADx provides access to multinational accident information in a common format allowing fast and easy searching across countries. The database contains information about the accident date, location, munition- and weapon type, cause, lifecycle phase, damage category, and both the number of fatalities and injuries. 

A powerful search engine allows information to be retrieved using the aforementioned criteria. Search results are displayed in a summary table including a brief description of the accident, date and location. Results are also displayed as histograms that show the number of accidents per year, probable cause, category and country. The application also offers the possibility to select a list of accidents and then print or export to an Excel format for further analysis.

MADx can be used in safety assessments of particular munition and weapon types and to support ammunition accident investigations.

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