Support Activities

The Support team

Besides the Technical Specialists and the Project Manager, MSIAC also employs:

  1. Information Analyst,
  2. PM Assistant & Office Manager and
  3. IT Manager

  1. Information Analyst is responsible for the MSIAC document databases, a key resource for MSIAC staff and customers. As such, she analyses information related to explosive safety, maintains the databases contents, carries out searches for information requested by the Technical Officers and produces statistics and trend analysis.

Our database has been a major asset of MSIAC from the beginning and now holds a staggering 190,000 (unclassified) documents, or over 5.6M pages of fully searchable information. Among these documents are more than 25,000 Journal Articles, almost 60,300 documents from Symposia, more than 20,500 Technical reports, about 27,000MSIAC Member Nation's and 16,500 NATO Cadre Group related documents and many more.

Most of these documents are available for MSIAC staff, but some 37,800 documents are now available to secure web environment users from MSIAC Nations (though this depends on what you have been authorised to see). Don’t forget that the MSIAC staff can search the entire contents on your behalf, and regularly do so when answering technical question.

  1. Diane Vanoverstraeten (BEL) joined MSIAC in 2013 as PM Assistant and Office Manager

Diane's job as PM Assistant and Office Manager is diverse. She takes care of all travel arrangements and anything related to travel, organizes or assists in organizing meetings and workshops, ordering supplies, helping out newcomers and trainees/fellows with practical arrangements, editing the Newsletter, making minutes of meetings, ... and manages MSIAC's accountancy and budget. She also updates our website and is Editor and content manager of this new website!

Contact us for more information

Diane Vanoverstraeten
Office Manager
+32 2 707 5416
Evelyn Verstraete
Information Analyst and Data Manager
+32 2 707 3947