Pushing The Limits – Performance and Safety

msiac-workshop-location-icon Doolittle Institute, Niceville, Florida, USA
msiac-workshop-calendar-icon 09-09-2024 to 13-09-2024


MSIAC wishes to present its next workshop entitled Pushing The Limits – Performance and Safety. Over the past 10 years nations have expended significant resources in the research and development of munition systems with a significant focus on improving safety through measures such as the implementation of Insensitive Munitions and associated IM policies. Improvements in munition responses to accident scenarios and enemy action have been achieved through advancement in munition and packaging design including the development and qualification of new energetic materials.  

However, in more recent years there appears to be a shift in the focus of research towards improved performance. There is now a need to push our weapon systems and the munitions associated with them to greater ranges with improved lethality and greater precision. Coupled with this desire for increased performance is a need to reduce the time from concept to deployment, reducing the “burden” of Qualification and an increased reliance on mutual acceptance for multinational development or procurements. All of this exists within the world wide context of instability and conflict in a number of nations across the globe.  

MSIAC as a organisation primarily focused of safety wish to explore the potential dichotomy with the desire for increased performance while trying to at least maintain if not improve safety. However, are desire to push the performance envelope must not come at the expense of unacceptable levels of increased risk.  

The Pushing the Limits workshop will feature a number of different concurrent sessions in the areas of:  

  • Legislation and Requirements 
  • Next generation Performance and Safety 
  • Testing & Qualification 
  • IM success stories and IM perception 
  • World Events / Risk and Consequence


Included as part of the workshop is a planned visit to the US National Naval Aviation Museum at Pensocola NAS. (Homepage - NNAM (navalaviationmuseum.org)) 



The workshop will be held Monday September 9th to Friday 13th September 2024 at the Doolittle Institute, Niceville, Florida, USA. 

1140 John Sims Pkwy E, Ste 1, Niceville, FL 32578 

The Doolittle Institute is owned and operated by the US Air Force, however is located off base, therefore access to Eglin AFB is not required.  



Dress for the workshop is Business Casual.



To assist MSIAC TSO’s in planning for the workshop would you please kindly complete the Survey at the link below, it should only take around 10 mins to complete.



Visit Request

Upon registration all participants must complete the following visit international request form. The form must be completed and returned by no later than August 1st 

Any late registrations & completed visit requests may not be able to access the facility and therefore not be able to attend the workshop.  

Visit request forms will be sent in due course following registration. 



No specific hotel block bookings are in place for the meeting, however MSIAC does recommend the areas of Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island & Destin where a number of hotels can be found, many of which are located along the beach front.  



Registration to the workshop will be open to all citizens of MSIAC member nations and is free. As placed are limited, the MSIAC National Focal Point Officer(s) will make the final decision on attendance for their respective nations. 

Please note registrations will close July 20th, 2024