Technical Meeting: Energetic Materials Qualification

msiac-workshop-location-icon The Hague Conference Centre New Babylon, Anna van Buerenplein 29, 2595 DA The Hague, The Netherlands
msiac-workshop-calendar-icon 08-07-2024 to 10-07-2024

MSIAC will be hosting a Technical Meeting on Energetic Materials Qualification (EMQ) as a follow-up on the Government and Industrial meetings held in 2022. Having discussed the EMQ process with both Industry and Government, this meeting aims to take on more specific issues of the EMQ process and look for opportunities for greater levels of standardisation and / or new ways of working.

This meeting is intended to be open to all MSIAC nations governments and Industrial / Academic partners.

Following discussions on the current EMQ process and AOP-7 documentation suite, MSIAC wants to further explore the concept of EMQ2.0 introduced at the meetings in 2022, the so called “blank sheet of paper” approach. Given what we know about EMQ, how and when it is conducted and the limitations that nations and industrial partners face, are there new ideas on how EMQ could be conducted outside the constraints of AOP-7? Are there new ways of achieving the same goals?


Call for Papers

We encourage participants to provide presentations for this meeting. Please use the dedicated field in the registration form. No abstract is required.




  • Registration is limited to MSIAC member nations only.
  • Limited to 25 participants in total

Expected attendees will be from MSIAC government, Industry and Academic institutions members involved with Qualification.

MSIAC National Focal Point Officers or Steering Committee members will take the final decision on their respective national attendees should there be over-subscription. Successful attendees will either be informed immediately or shortly after the closing date for registration.

Registrations Close: Sunday May 12th, 2024





The meeting location is conveniently located in the centre of the The Hague (den Haag) near to the main train station. The station has easy access to Schipol Airport (Amsterdam) or other cities within Europe (Brussels).



The meeting is provided with no registration fees or other costs. Special thanks to TNO for hosting the meeting and arrangements.



No specific hotel arrangements have been made, however there are many options located in the centre of the The Hague, close to the meeting venue.


TNO Visit

There could be possibility to visit the TNO energetic materials test and laboratory related facilities at Ypenberg as part of the meeting. If you are interested in attending this visit, then please indicate via the registration form.