Energetic Materials Compendium (EMC)

The Energetic Materials Compendium (EMC) is a quick, easy and fully searchable database to access explosive property data on energetic materials. It is intended to support formulation scientists, energetic chemists and warhead designers. 

EMC provides one location to access test data for high explosives, gun propellants, rocket propellants and pyrotechnic formulations. The database is a collation of openly published energetic material technical data and has been organised by two connected databases: formulations and components. 

The powerful search feature within the formulation database allows users to find data from multiple fields such as performance (detonation velocity), sensitivity (impact), physical properties (thermal conductivity), composition details (component percentage), manufacturer and application. 

Within the components database, users are able to search both energetic and non-energetic ingredients via name, Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number, and chemical formula. Data will also be fully searchable across chemical (enthalpy of formation), physical (density), explosive (detonation velocity) and hazard (LD50, STEL, REACH) properties. 

A side-by-side comparison tool for both the formulations and components databases allows users to compare up to four materials.  

Every formulation and component is fully referenced, searchable and in certain cases access is granted directly to the source material.

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