Safety Assessment Software Online (SASO)

SASO is an online tool that enables identification and selection of the appropriate policy, design requirements, environmental and other testing requirements from international and national Standards considered appropriate to support the S3 process.

SASO provides a step-by-step tool to provide fast access to relevant standards and is an enabler for anyone involved or interested in munitions safety.  This tool supports anyone working in any capacity, from designers through to final risk and safety assessment.

From the user input the tool selects requirements based on the munition type, features incorporated (e.g. EEDs), applicable international and national standards, environmental lifecycle profile and identified threats.  

Standards are selected by providing details of the Lifecycle Environmental Profile (LCEP). These are down-selected by identifying and adjusting phases (storage, carriage) during the life and the potential threat source(s) during each phase.  

The output includes relevant tests, standards, policy and design requirements specific to the munition and its lifecycle. All documentation is directly accessible from an up-to-date repository.  

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