Toolbox of Engineering Models for the Prediction of Explosive Reactions (TEMPER)

TEMPER is a tool for the prediction of explosive reactions to insensitive munitions (IM) threats.  It utilizes a library of empirical or semi-empirical models dedicated to insensitive munitions (IM) assessment. 

TEMPER provides a:

  • Library of threats, models and parameters to run the models
  • Direct selection of threat/mitigation/structure/model from the Graphic User Interface with automatic compatibility management
  • Ability to perform parametric or stochastic simulations by varying one or two parameters of the problem
  • Ability to draw curves and save results using an embedded Excel workbook

It also includes models for fragment impact, shaped charge, sympathetic reaction and thermal threats such as:

  • an MSIAC modified Jacobs-Roslund model that is based on an analysis of many experimental test results and that requires only one parameter
  • the implementation of a conical fragment that enables simulation of the NATO fragment defined in STANAG 4496 for IM testing
  • the modelling of a residual fragment after perforation of a mitigation for conical-ended and parallelepiped fragment.  This model will be very useful to simulate the impact of a NATO fragment on bare or packed munitions
  • a sympathetic reaction model, SANDI, that is based on a different approach than that of the One on One Warhead model 

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