L-282 Novel Approaches to S3 Assessment

March 2023
Matt Ferran (TSO Munition Systems), Christopher Hollands (TSO Energetic Materials)

The NATO policy for the assessment of the Safety and Suitability for Service (S3) of non-nuclear munitions is described in AOP-15. This policy forms the basis for national policy, standards, and guidance for munition S3 assessment in many NATO member and partner nations, but increasingly there are situations where it is impossible, impracticable or unnecessary to assess munition system S3 in this manner. In such circumstances, some or all of the activities described by AOP-15 may be modified, abridged or omitted completely.

This report describes the “novel” processes for S3 assessment in use within the MSIAC member nations, and identifies the drivers which lead to adoption of these approaches. Detailed consideration is given to the novel S3 assessment process known variously as mutual recognition or trusted partnership.

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