L-229 Experimental and Theoretical Basis of QDs Edition 2

September 2022
Martijn van der Voort (TSO Munitions Transport and Storage Safety), Matt Ferran (TSO Munition Systems), Eric J. Deschambault (DDESB ret.), Dr. Sean Donahue (NAFVAC EXWC), Johan A.J. de Roos (ESSINT)
NATO standards for the safe storage of ammunition and explosives (AE) contain tables with Quantity Distances (QD). These distances are intended to provide an acceptable protection level to surrounding Exposed Sites (ES) in the event of an accidental explosion at a Potential Explosion Site (PES). MSIAC has conducted an in-depth study to assess and document the basis of NATO QD criteria, and to compare them with additional testing and analysis accomplished in recent years for validation purposes.
Edition 2 of this report is fully consistent with AASTP-1 Ed C V 1 and presents new information with respect to ECM design criteria, barricade design criteria and the basis of HD 1.3 QD. Furthermore it gives an overview of knowledge gaps and harmonisation to aid development beyond the current edition of AASTP-1.

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