Publications - Munitions Safety, Transport & Storage

  • L-277 - Tolerability of Risk Part III: Ammunition Storage, Range Safety and Demolition

    February 2022

    This report provides an overview of commonalities and differences of risk tolerability in relation to siting of Ammunition and Explosives (AE) storage, Range Safety (RS) and AE demolition in various nations. AE storage and RS have a number of parallels.

    Martijn van der Voort (TSO Munitions Transport & Storage Safety)Matt Ferran (TSO Munition Systems)
  • L-279 MSIAC Technical Meeting HD 1.3 Issues

    February 2022

    MSIAC organised a virtual technical meeting about HD 1.3 issues on 7 and 8 December 2021.

    Martijn van der VoortMatt FerranChristelle ColletDr. Ernest BakerChris HollandsDr. Kevin Jaansalu
  • L-268 The Application of Herd Immunity to Munitions Safety

    July 2021

    This report addresses the implications of the presence of both conventional and insensitive munitions (IM) in a national stockpile, and presents theoretical methods to determine a critical amount or fraction of IM that may avoid escalation of accident scenarios (e.g.
    Martijn van der Voort (MSIAC)Christelle Collet (MSIAC)Matt Ferran (MSIAC)Kevin Jaansalu (MSIAC)Wade Babcock (NOSSA)
  • L-262 TNT Equivalency of Energetic Materials: Review and Best Practices

    July 2020

    When dealing with energetic materials, TNT equivalency is commonly used for different purposes. For scientific purposes, it is a means to compare the explosive effects delivered by different energetic compositions, by expressing them in terms of an equivalent TNT detonation.
    Christelle Collet (TSO Propulsion Technology)Dr Kevin Jaansalu (TSO Materials Technology)Dr Ernest L. Baker (TSO Warhead Technology)Martijn van der Voort (TSO Munition Transport and Storage Safety)
  • L-215 A Review Of International Hazard Classification

    April 2020

    MSIAC maintains a Hazard Classification (HC) database for Ammunition and Explosives (AE) with 16 contributing nations. Governmental personnel from MSIAC member nations are able to access the data through the MSIAC secure website.
    Martijn VAN DER VOORTChristelle COLLETMatthew FERRAN
  • O-211 Probabilistic Modeling of Initiation due to Fragment Impact

    October 2019

    A probabilistic analytic model of initiation for the STANAG 4496 Insensitive Munitions (IM) Fragment Impact (FI) test was developed. The deterministic Jacobs-Roslund (JR) detonation initiation model was augmented to include impact point offset and fragment tilt against a curved munition case.
    Ernest L. BakerChristiaan LeibbrandtMartijn van der Voort
  • O-213 Magazine Loading Density Detonation Estimation

    October 2019

    An analysis has been conducted to develop a method to estimate critical loading density conditions that, after the deflagration ignition of the munitions in a magazine, will lead to transition to detonation of these munitions.
    Ernest L. BakerMartijn M. van der Voort