Publications (Technical Reports)

  • L-291 IM Threats vs Real World Threats

    December 2022

    This report demonstrates the applicability of the six standardized IM threats (FH, SH, BI, FI, SCJI and SR) to other credible aggressions that may occur during the life cycle of munitions.

    Christelle ColletMartijn van der VoortDr Ernest L. Baker
  • L-286 Thermomechanical Fatigue An Introduction

    September 2022

    The purpose of this report is to present an introduction to thermomechanical fatigue and how this applies to energetic materials.  This topic is seldom, if ever, treated in materials science textbooks.

    Dr. Kevin M. Jaansalu
  • L-284 Critical Diameter and Shaped Charge Jet Impact

    August 2022

    This report provides supporting data and references for the 50 mm critical diameter engineering “rule-of-thumb” applicable to passing the shaped charge jet impact (SCJI) Insensitive Munitions (IM) threat test defined in AOP-4526. If a munition subject to this test contai
    Dr. Ernest L. Baker
  • L-281 Lifing Approaches and Ageing Algorithms

    August 2022

    An algorithm describes a process within a system. For lifing algorithms, the system is defined by the national approach to munition life management.
    Kevin Jaansalu (TSO Materials Technology)Matthew Ferran (TSO Munition Systems)
  • L-280 Mixing Rules for Energetic Materials: Transport Properties

    April 2022

    In great many cases the properties of energetic materials have not been obtained by measurement. Therefore they have to be estimated by mixing rules for the technical literature, which are often not validated and it is often unknown which mixing rule works best.
    Paul Schrama (NLDA)Kevin M. Jaansalu (MSIAC)
  • O-220 A Taxonomy for the Classification of Defects in Energetic Materials

    April 2022

    Following many discussions and multiple iterations over two years, MSIAC has produced a largely self-consistent taxonomy and lexicon of terms related to defects in energetic materials and munition systems, based on the paradigm of materials science and engineering.
    Matt Ferran (MSIAC) Dr. Matt Andrews (MSIAC)Dr. Kevin Jaansalu (MSIAC)Aurihona Wolff (ENSTA Bretagne)