MSIAC Technical Question Form

Examples include:

  • What is the effect of endothermic polymer decomposition on thermal ignition of PBXs?
  • What is the survivability of Bradley fighting vehicles to an RPG attack?
  • What are the infrastructure options for a new High Explosives plant?
  • Assist in the developing national IM policy/implementation plans?
  • What LOVA propellants options are available?

Only nationals of MSIAC Member Nations are eligible to submit requests for Technical Information from MSIAC.

MSIAC Member Nations include the following:


If you are not a national of an MSIAC Member Nation, but you are a NATO Allied Nation or Partner Nation, please Fill-in the form and select 'Other' in the 'Country' field. The form will be submitted directly to MSIAC

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Please note that the information provided will be used to verify that we can answer your question. Your information will be shared with your relevant MSIAC National Focal Point Officer. You will also receive newsletters, notices related to MSIAC products and services, and invitations to participate in MSIAC events. If you wish us to remove your point of contact information from our database we will do so immediately. This will stop future emails and, for those authorised, will remove secure website access with immediate effect. To do so please send an email to indicating that you wish to be removed.
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By our Memorandum of Understanding, MSIAC owns the technical information generated in responding to technical questions and this information may be used in other ways (with no reference to the nation asking the question) as seen fit by MSIAC.