Munition Systems

Safety and suitability assessment, testing, risk and risk management

MSIAC supports Member Nations in the safety and suitability for service assessment of munition systems, risk and risk management and sponsors tools to support these processes.

Current area of interest / work: 

Topics of interest to MSIAC include:

  • Safety assessment of novel designs, new technologies and materials
  • New tools and processes for munition safety assessment
  • New risk  and risk management tools and techniques

MSIAC report their findings on munitions safety  through:

  • Journal articles, briefs and presentations;
  • Answering technical questions for Member Nations;
  • Reviewing and reporting on issues sponsored by Member Nations;
  • Maintaining SASO and MSAS software tools 

As the current TSO I have a professional interest in:

  • New processes and techniques for safety and suitability for assessment;
  • Test and evaluation techniques and processes;
  • Professional development of munitions safety staff;

To support those in the MSIAC community involved in any aspect of safety and suitability for service assessment of munitions systems.  The aim is that they support staff, and more specifically new staff, in better understanding the breadth and complexity of the domain of safety and suitability for service.  This is an area for ‘deep smarts’ with knowledge and experience gained with time through what can be a lengthy learning process. 

My current Work Elements for 2016 are:

  1. Maintain MSAS and SASO
  2. Improve MSAS and SASO functionality
  3. Provide a detailed comparison of national (and service) safety management systems policies and procedures that drive S3 assessments
  4. Support to review of STANAG 4439 (AOP-39).   
  5. Provide support to AC 326. 



  1. Maintain MSAS and SASO

Munitions Safety Assessment Software (MSAS) is an Excel based tool for accessing International and National Standards covering policy, guidance and testing in support of munitions safety.  It is only as effective in supporting the Nations as the information it holds and the feedback received on how to improve its functionality and any errors. 

Safety Assessment Software Online (SASO) is a web based application that assists anyone concerned with munitions safety in identifying the appropriate requirements in International and National Standards appropriate to a specific munition type and with specific components or characteristics.  

MSAS provides access to the complete document, SASO those  parts of documents associated with design or testing requirements. 



  1. Improve MSAS and SASO functionality

The current functionality of both MSAS and SASO is based on input from NATO and Member Nations to ensure they provide the functionality required.  SASO has evolved from a number of previous tools and I beleive there is scope for further improvement.  A detailed specification for improvements to the output functionality to support safety assessment and testing  is being drafted and will be circulated amongst Nations for comment.  If you want to assist please contact me and I will inlcude you in the distribution. 



  1. S3 Study

This study has involved visits and questionnaires to identify the S3 processes within Member Nations.  A study report is being produced and the MSIAC Steering Committte has directed that this becomes a standing document for ease of referal. 



  1. Support to review of STANAG 4439 (AOP-39)

There are 2 separate aspects to this review:

  • Support a review of the IM Response Descriptors.
  • Review of the balance of content between AOP-39 and the Full Scale Test STANAGs. 



  1. Provide support to AC/326

Support is provided to AC/326 SG/A (IST) and SG/B. 

SG/A (IST): have responsibility for all aspects of the design safety and assessment of initiatory systems for warheads and propulsion systems.  Current work is focused on reviews of STANAG 4187 and IM mitigation technologies. 

SG/B:  have responsbility for all other aspects of munitions design safety, testing and assessment.  Current key programmes of work include a review of the IM standards and deevloping the new AAS3P series of standards. 


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