Questionnaire on novel processing technologies applied to Energetic Materials (EM)

The  Munitions  Safety  Information  Analysis  Center  (MSIAC)  is  requested to  review  work  and  research being carried out into novel processing techniques such as twin screw extrusion, resonant acoustic mixing and additive manufacturing.
The use of energetic materials with any new technology requires robust safety cases. The sharing of experiences with other users can aid in this process.
MSIAC  has,  therefore, developed  a  survey  to  aid  the  users  in  the  community. The focus of the survey is to determine how each organization uses novel processing techniques. Reports on resonant acoustic mixing and additive manufacturing have already been or will soon be published and can be found on Both projects are subject to be updated regularly because studies are ongoing. We kindly ask you to contribute to this questionnaire to help us complete an MSIAC limited report on novel processing technologies applied to energetic material. Uploading functionalities are provided at the end of each section of the questionnaire if you wish to share documents (Unclassified unlimited distribution information only​).
Please follow the hyperlink below to access the questionnaire: