O-200 MSIAC Workshop 2018: Improved Explosives And Munitions Risk Management

October 2018
Martijn van der Voort, Matthew Andrews, Wade Babcock, Christelle Collet, Martin Pope, Michael Sharp
MSIAC is organizing a workshop to exploit an improved understanding of munitions vulnerability and consequences to deliver improvements in explosives and munitions risk management. The current management of explosives and munitions risks is a broad area covered by many policy documents and different communities of interest. These documents are based on a combination of best practice and underpinning technical and scientific knowledge.
The workshop will bring together stakeholders from the Hazard Classification (HC), Insensitive Munitions (IM), and explosives storage safety communities to assist in development of a coordinated and optimised approach to managing explosives and munitions risk. A secondary aim of the workshop is to initiate changes that will help realise the benefits of IM, particularly during transportation and storage to improve safety and help safeguard military capability in hazardous operating environments.
This paper presents the workshop goals and how, with support and involvement of the community, MSIAC plans to achieve these. MSIAC also seeks the active participation and support of the communities and request comments on the proposals in this paper. 

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