Kevin Jaansalu

Kevin Jaansalu joins MSIAC from the Royal Military College of Canada, where he has taught subjects in ammunition engineering, including munition design, energetic materials, material deterioration, and commercial production.

A former aerospace engineering officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, Kevin graduated from RMC in 1989 with a degree in Fuels and Materials Engineering, followed shortly with a master’s degree from McGill University in the field of ceramic matrix composites in 1991. During his military career, he held field positions in helicopter squadrons, including UN operations in Haiti, and a staff position for aeropropulsion research and development at National Research Council of Canada – Institute for Aerospace Research, including activities with TTCP AER TP-3. Kevin returned to RMC for his doctoral studies in 1998, completing his degree in 2002 in computer calculation of phase diagrams. On retirement from the military in 2005, Kevin accepted a position at Montana Tech where he taught several courses in physical metallurgy, including materials selection in design and welding metallurgy, as well as courses on ballistics and explosives engineering.  Kevin returned to RMC in the summer of 2009, primarily to establish and develop ammunition engineering programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Kevin is a member of TMS; a founding, and senior, member of the International Ballistic Society; and a Consulting Editor for Defence Technology.  Kevin is a registered professional engineer in Montana and in Ontario.

Area of expertise
Materials Technology TSO
+32 2 707 56 36