O-187 An international review of the use of environmental data loggers in peace-time and operations

July 2018
Wade G. Babcock

This paper provides a brief introduction to an MSIAC report which provides an overview of the use of environmental data loggers and of the data that is registered. This was achieved via a survey sent to representatives in MSIAC member nations and thanks to documents from the AVT groups dealing with this topic as well as other literature found in the MSIAC databases. These systems provide access to the real environment the munitions are exposed to. The report describes the type of sensors and how they are used, the effects of the environment on ammunition, and how the data is used. Through examples, methods to optimize the use of these data are also suggested in order to make them useful in the following situations: optimization of the surveillance program, lifeextension decision, detection of “out-of-specification” environment, combination with aging models to determine the condition of the product, accident analysis.

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