O-085 The NIMIC Cost Benefit Analysis Model: CBAM 2.0

December 2003
Pascal Marchandin (Warheads & Fuzes), Dr Michael W. Sharp (Energetic Materials)

As a response to the recommendations from the NIMIC Cost and Benefits Analysis workshop (Sweden, June 2001), NIMIC has now completed the development of the Cost Benefit Analysis Model (CBAM). The purpose of CBAM is to aid in the assessment of the costs and benefits of introducing IM into service. The CBA workshop participants generated a list of requirements for such a tool. These requirements have now been incorporated into the model, which is available to the NIMIC Nations.

This paper presents the CBA model and concludes by presenting the results of studies that were conducted using the tool. Limitations of Cost-Benefit analysis studies are also reported.

Presentation details

This paper was presented at PARARI 2003 held on 29-31 October 2003 at Rydges, Canberra, Australia

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