L-104 The NIMIC Cost Benefit Analysis Model: User Guide and Input Data Compilation

March 2004
Pascal Marchandin (Warheads & Fuzes), Dr Michael W. Sharp (Engergetic Materials)

As a response to the recommendations from the NIMIC Cost and Benefits Analysis workshop (Sweden, June 2001), NIMIC completed the development of the Cost Benefit Analysis Model (CBAM). The purpose of CBAM is to aid in the assessment of the costs and benefits of introducing IM into service. The Costs and Benefits Analysis workshop participants generated a list of requirements for such a tool. These requirements have now been incorporated into the model, which is available to the NIMIC Nations.

This paper presents the methodology applied in CBAM 2.0, the different screens and the data to be collected prior to starting a cost benefit analysis for the introduction of less sensitive munitions into service. Finally, a set of published probabilities of events (essentially accidents unclassified information only) and limited information on consequences of events and costs, which may be used for an assessment, have been compiled.

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