Procurement, Science and Technology Q2-2015

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The Procurement and Munitions Business Activities section begins with report on Lockheed Martins purchase of Sikorsky Aircraft, Germanys decision to proceed with MEADS in their Tactical Air Defense System, while Turkey now further contemplates negotiations with China for their missile defense system. Significant munitions procurements from the last three months, spanning reprocurements for traditional systems to the latest equipment, are then also mentioned.  

The Science and Technology section includes recent accomplishments and system redesigns, including two interesting laser weapon systems demonstrations by MBDA and Lockheed Martin. This issues concludes with an excellent article on 3D printing and adaptive manufacturing: “Machines Building Machines”. The article estimates that researchers have already printed 80 percent of the components that go into a modern missile system, including printed energetics, warhead and seeker components, rocket motors and electronic circuits.