Procurement, Science and Technology JUNE 2016

In this issue of Science, Technology and Procurement the news items have been divided in the following sections:

  1. Industry
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Policy and Standards
  4. Systems
  5. New Technology
  6. Contracts

All information has been gathered from open source websites and links to the original information is included with each item. 

For the first time we have added a section on Industry related news and a section on Policy and Standards, where there are news items of interest we will look to maintain this distinction between systems related news items. 

Following the last publication there has been better success for the Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) and the US continues to test and develop the Multi Mission Launcher capability.  The Cased Telescopic cannon system has now commenced its testing and integration phase on the new UK AJAX platform.  MLRS continues to evolve as a weapon system with 2 separate announcements on new missiles for the system. 

Martin Pope & Dr Michael Sharp, MSIAC Munitions Systems Specialist and PM