Energetic Materials Suppliers Catalogue – Contributions Sought

The Energetic Materials Suppliers Catalogue was placed on the 2017 program of work as the current catalogue, O-082, is out of date.

In order to produce an accurate, current and up-to-date catalogue we require input from the community. So we have generated a short questionnaire to allow manufacturers of energetic materials to quickly inform us of their current portfolio.

Important Information

Download questionnaire: Word or PDF format
Replies or questions to: Dr Matther Andrews
Replies by: 10th November 2017

Main Points for Consideration

We are interested in

  • Current primary and secondary energetic materials manufacture
  • Formulations using these materials
  • Energetic plasticisers,
  • Energetic polymers or
  • Other materials of interest to the community. If you are able to produce material to a
  • Use of recognised specifications (STANAG/MIL-SPEC etc)


This is an opportunity for organisations in MSIAC, NATO and its allied partners to inform the community of their capabilities. The updated catalogue will be an open report and will be made available to all approved contributors.

The benefits of this catalogue will allow all manufacturers to highlight their portfolio in one location. This catalogue will be of interest to defence and industry alike involved in the procurement of energetic materials.