Defect Lexicon Questionnaire

Dear Sir/Madam,
The  Munitions  Safety  Information  Analysis  Center  (MSIAC)  is  requested to  work  on classification of ammunition defects in order to prepare the 2020 workshop on defects. MSIAC has, therefore, developed a lexicon to aid the community.  
A first study was conducted to classify problems or issues leading to failure into three categories:
  • Processing problems (e.g. non-uniform solidification)
  • Property instabilities (e.g. corrosion)  
  • Defects (e.g. crack)
The focus for this lexicon is on defects. A simplified lexicon is being completed and we kindly ask you to contribute to it to help us develop a comprehensive lexicon. The sharing of experiences with other users can aid in this process.
Please follow the hyperlink below to access the questionnaire: