Webinar: IM Design Tools

msiac-workshop-location-icon Virtual
msiac-workshop-calendar-icon 03-05-2023 to 03-05-2023

An Interactive Virtual Seminar

MSIAC’s Dr. Ernie Baker will host a web-based seminar demonstrating the IM design tools available to our member nations.  The interactive session will not only allow participants to see how the tools can provide answers, accelerate munitions design, and solve problems, but the session will also provide hands-on demonstrations of how the tools work.
The seminar is an outgrowth of work Dr. Baker is doing to upgrade some of the tools and increase their integrated approach to providing IM design solutions.  MSIAC has been working hard to improve the tools and is eager to share the results with our member nations.  This seminar is a way to show how they work, but more importantly walk potential users through the applications such that they may get results faster, with a much shallower learning curve.

When and Where

The webinar will be:
  • Wednesday 3 May 2023
  • 15:00 (3:00 PM) CEST  (09:00 EDT USA)
  • Plan for about two hours


Sorry, the registrations are closed for this webinar. We will organize a similar event in the future, so stay tuned.