2nd Technical Meeting: Impact of Resonant Acoustic Mixing (RAM) on Munitions Safety and Suitability for Service

msiac-workshop-location-icon Shrivenham & Westcott, UK
msiac-workshop-calendar-icon 04-07-2018 to 05-07-2018

The aim of this second one and a half day technical meeting on the “Impact of RAM on Munitions Safety and Suitability for Service” is to gather current thinking on the risks, safety and programme-related issues associated with using new munitions manufacturing technologies such as RAM.  

Discussions will aim to cover both munitions containing energetic materials manufactured via the RAM and those munitions manufactured using the RAM.



The aims will be achieved by bringing together practitioners of RAM and those persons within MSIAC governments responsible for Qualification of energetic materials and Final/Type Qualification of munitions. Discussions will identify:

  • current practices for RAM manufacturing including batch, volume, continuous and in-case mixing;
  • requirements for quality assurance;
  • suitability of current energetic material tests in qualification;
  • baseline materials for comparison (RAM vs planetary or other mixing platforms);
  • suitability of S3 testing for RAM-produced munitions;
  • generation of confidence in RAM produced munitions;
  • cross-over to other techniques (Additive Manufacturing and Twin Screw Extrusion).

To focus discussion and prepare participants a short questionnaire will be sent to potential attendees for completion prior to the meeting. The output from the meeting will be in the form of a short report with guidance/recommendations to both the RAM users and the Safety Authorities in MSIAC nations. This output may also be of use to the energetic material additive manufacturing community; this will discussed in brief towards the end of the meeting.


Call for papers

No abstract required




  • Attendance by MSIAC member nations only
  • Limited seating - 30 places
  • Government and selected industrial partners currently active in RAM for energetics research
  • National Authorities involved in S3 and energetic material Qualification

Expected attendees will be from MSIAC government members or National Authorities involved with Qualification and S3 assessment, as well as governmental and selected industry specialists involved in using RAM for energetic material research. Given the limited attendance preference will be given to those who are currently working on these issues and plan to use RAM for the production of military-relevant items. MSIAC National Focal Point Officers will take the final decision on their respective national attendees. Successful attendees will either be informed immediately or shortly after the closing date for registration. This is the second technical meeting to encourage participation from our European members.




Day 1

Cranfield University Defence Academy Shrivenham Wiltshire SN6 8LA UK

Day 2

Falcon Project Westcott Venture Park Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP18 0XB UK


No registration fee Refreshments provided Lunch will be provided on Day 1