Announcing the MSIAC IM Design Tools Webinar

Tuesday, 3 May 2022, 15:00 CEST, via the Internet

An Interactive Virtual Seminar
MSIAC’s Dr. Ernie Baker will host a web-based seminar demonstrating the IM design tools available to our member nations.  The interactive session will not only allow participants to see how the tools can provide answers, accelerate munitions design, and solve problems, but the session will also provide hands-on demonstrations of how the tools work.
The seminar is an outgrowth of work Dr. Baker is doing to upgrade some of the tools and increase their integrated approach to providing IM design solutions.  MSIAC has been working hard to improve the tools and is eager to share the results with our member nations.  This seminar is a way to show how they work, but more importantly walk potential users through the applications such that they may get results faster, with a much shallower learning curve.
How it Works
The IM Design Webinar will be hosted on MSIAC’s GoToMeeting platform.  You will be provided with an Internet link about a week prior to the meeting, which will enable you to view the MSIAC content through your web browser. 
During the seminar, you will see some slide content illustrating key aspects of the applications, interspersed with live demonstrations of how the tools work.  When running the tools, you will see sample data inputs, example queries, and illustrative outputs. Dr. Baker is preparing some typical examples to walk through the tools and demonstrate how they work together.
Participants will be able to ask questions and interact with the presenter.  We may be able to run your sample problems or input different data and/or queries as requested and time allows.
When, Where, and How
The webinar will be:
  • Tuesday 3 May 2022
  • 15:00 (3:00 PM) CEST  (09:00 EST USA)
  • Virtual meeting via the Internet
  • Plan for about two hours
This seminar will be hosted via a GoToMeeting session. If you have any doubt about whether this will work on your system, please first try a test session.
We have had very good luck with this system from most platforms, including desktops, portable tablets (iPad and various Windows products), and even mobile phones.  The notable exceptions have been various Government computing systems that limit either access to specific websites, or limit specifically applications like GoToMeeting.  (This is often because virtual meeting providers allow outside users to “take over” a participant’s desktop.)  MSIAC does not take responsibility for this, and there is nothing we can do to overcome this problem.  Our best suggestion is for you to participate from an off-site location and a non-Government computer.
Anyone interested in participating is invited to use the registration form. We will confirm your participation by reply email, and will send final connection details about a week prior to the seminar.
All requests for participation will be reviewed by the MSIAC staff.  Only citizens of MSIAC member nations working in the IM and munitions safety community are eligible to participate.
Participant credentials may be verified with Steering Committee members and/or National Focal Point Officers, and we reserve the right to refuse participation to any applicant if suitable verification cannot be made.
MSIAC is hosting this webinar on a best-effort basis, meaning we will do our best to supply the content described, and at the time indicated.
MSIAC will not be held responsible or liable for lost work time or any other damages if for any reason participants cannot attend the webinar, or if the webinar is canceled for any reason.

Announcing the MSIAC AASTP-1 and AASTP-5 Lecture Series

No dates planned in the near future.

The AASTP-1 and 5 lecture series provides instruction on how to apply NATO standards for the safe storage of ammunition. With a number of courses cancelled and postponed in 2020, we would like to give you the opportunity to join a webinar instead. The total run time of this event will be shorter because of less time spent on exercises and interaction between students and the instructors. The webinar will still take 5 days but with less hours per day to allow people from different time zones to participate.
The final time schedule will be determined based on participation. Please let us know if you or colleagues have an interest to join the webinar, and register below.
Registered participants will receive a “GoToMeeting” link two weeks prior to the webinar.