Training to NATO Standards

In the first quarter of 2016 two AASTP-1/5 training events took place:

  • one at US Army Europe in Wiesbaden, 7-11 March,

  • the second in Versailles, 4-8 April.

As before, the training was well received with positive feedback. With the training we establish a useful interaction between policymakers and explosives safety officers applying the standards. The training material is regularly updated to meet the latest standards, while the feedback from students and trainers provides input for further development of the standards.

MSIAC’s Mr Martijn van der Voort is the course manager and Mr Thomas Taylor and former Belgian MOD Ammunition Technical Officer, Mr Johan De Roos, are the instructors. The course slide presentations, exercises and instructor notes are also posted on the MSIAC website for downloading by Member Nations.

A third training in 2016 is planned in Rome, 24-28 October.