Training to NATO Standards

MSIAC has undertaken four training sessions this calendar year on the NATO Ammunition Storage Standards AASTP-1 and AASTP-5.

The training was conducted in Canberra, Australia on 23-27 February, in Rome, Italy on 23-27 March, in Washington, D.C. on 20-24 April, and lastly in McAlester, Oklahoma on 27 April- 1 May.


Rome, Italy

The course lectures and exercises continues to evolve based on feedback received and changes in the standard thereby remaining current. The presentations thoroughly cover all aspects of the standards, but most popular according to the feedback received are the practical exercises on Hazard Class/Division, Barricades, Quantity Distance and Explosive Safety Munitions Risk Management.


Washington D.C., USA

McAlester, USA

A total of 79 students have so far successfully completed the training in 2015. MSIAC’s Mr. Tom Taylor serves as the course manager and is a co-instructor together with former Belgian MOD Ammunition Technical Officer, Mr. Johan De Roos. 

Mr Thomas N. Taylor, MSIAC Transport & Storage Specialist