Survey on Temperature and Heat Flux Measurements

The aim of this survey is to collect the characteristics of temperature and heat flux measurement devices used in the nations when conducting Insensitive Munition (IM) or hazard Classification (HC) tests on munitions. If shareable, the respondents are also encouraged to share their best practices and lessons learnt that could benefit to the MSIAC community.
The results to this survey will eventually constitute the basis for a report on the state of the art techniques for temperature and heat flux measurement in IM and HC tests. The final document will be part of a series of literature reviews which were initiated by MSIAC in 2019. Completed reviews will be documented in an MSIAC  limited report similar to the previous ones about the velocity of detonation instrumentation techniques (L-255) and on blast instrumentation techniques (L-253).
The ultimate goal of the series of reports on instrumentation techniques is to provide recommendations for improved and harmonized test procedures as well as recommendations for the characterization of munition responses, whatever their reaction type, and their use for safety distances and risk analysis.
Any question regarding this survey or related comments can be directed to Christelle Collet (MSIAC TSO Propulsion technology):
Your responses to this survey are expected by 30th April 2022.
Please follow the hyperlink below to access the questionnaire: