Survey on In-Service Surveillance and Stability testing

We request your assistance to better know how MSIAC nations manage In-Service Surveillance (ISS) activities as well as stability testing. A new survey has been set up since November last year, and you are kindly invited to fill it in at the following link:
The purposes of this survey are to:
  • Compile activities on how MSIAC nations schedule and conduct routine inspections of various types of ammunition and energetic materials (explosive ordnance; munitions, propellants) – see first section on in-service surveillance;
  • Compile activities on how MSIAC nations conduct Heat Flow Calorimetry (HFC) tests to assess the stability of NC-based propellants during their life cycle – see second section on stability tests;
  • Identify opportunities for sharing of experience and/or best practices.
A first compilation has already been done thanks to the first 13 contributions received from 10 MSIAC member nations. This first analysis will be soon shared amongst the contributors to the survey.
Ultimately, the results will be gathered in a limited report available to MSIAC member nations. Do not hesitate to contribute, there is still time: the deadline was postponed until the end of August!