Resodyn Acoustic Mixer (RAM) Survey – Your help needed

Written by: Matthew Andrews

Resonant acoustic mixing, such as the Resodyn Acoustic Mixer (RAM), has attracted a lot of attention in several fields of research and manufacturing including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and, for our interest, energetic materials. The use of any new technology to process energetic material will always come under close scrutiny to ensure that users are not unduly exposed to an unnecessary risk. 

When generating safety cases for new technology, to support risk assessments, experience has to be either gained through trials or shared from other users in the community. It is this latter point that has prompted MSIAC to gather and report the current status of the RAM technology.  

The MSIAC steering committee (2014) requested MSIAC to engage the nations in their current research using the RAM. We have therefore generated a questionnaire to gather data relating to the safe operation of the RAM with energetic materials. Inert materials relating to the field are also of interest.

Should you be currently using a RAM, or similar technology, and are willing to discuss the approach you have taken please download questionnaire here attached.

The information you provide us will remain restricted to MSIAC nations. The output of the survey/questionnaire will form the basis of a report with the aim of improving the current understanding of safety requirements for the RAM with nation members. It is understood that this is a snap shot in time but will aid new players in the field of acoustic mixing.

We would like to hear from as many users from all MSIAC nations as possible, covering all areas of energetics technology. Please point people in the direction of either our website to find the questionnaire or contact the Energetic Materials TSO directly (