Questionnaire on Data Collection in IM/HC tests

MSIAC will start two new projects in 2019 that are related to data collection during Insensitive Munition (IM) and Hazard Classification (HC) tests:
  • Guidance on Instrumentation for IM and HC Tests. This project will review the use of existing instrumentation and will seek to share and develop best practice.
  • Collation and Analysis of IM and HC Test Data. This project will analyse existing IM blast, thermal and fragmentation test data to gain a better understanding of the explosive effects for sub-detonative munition responses. The output from this study will be used to inform on reduced consequences from accidents involving IM, which could be taken into account in quantitative risk assessments.
Both projects have been initiated based on recommendations from the 2018 MSIAC Improved Explosives and Munitions Risk Management (IEMRM) workshop.
The projects rely on available information from the IM test centers and other organisations. We therefore kindly ask you to contribute to the questionnaire. Benefits of contributing are that your test procedures and data will be included in the analysis. Also we will make recommendations for improved and harmonized test procedures as well as recommendations for the characterization of the munition responses and their use for safety distances and risk analysis.
Please follow the hyperlink below to access the questionnaire: