O-219 Improving the MSIAC Gap Test Computational Tool and Database

September 2021
Pierre-Louis Spychala (ENSTA Bretagne, France)
This project extended the MSIAC NEWGATES database for gap test results and increased its predictive capabilities. Some five hundred additional gap tests results were added to NEWGATES among fourteen different gap test geometries. Four new test geometries were described and implemented; the Insensitive High Explosive Gap Test, the French IAD Ф 40 mm and Mini-IAD gap tests and the Materials Research Laboratory Small Scale Gap Test. Pressure calibration was provided for the first three. Further investigation focused on the similarities between the Intermediate Scale Gap Test and the IAD Ф 40 mm gap test. It showed that both tests were originally supposed to be identical and highlighted that the STANAG 4488 dedicated section was erroneous. A strong correlation was found between NOL-LSGT and IHEGT results and was added to NEWGATES. An unusual relationship between shock sensitivity and test density was pointed out for the MRL-SSGT, which is probably a consequence of the test geometry. Finally, correlations between critical diameter and IAD test results were studied but appeared to be very weak; a new pressure calibration for the test was suggested.

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