O-216 An Overview of Single Event Testing Methods and Analysis

June 2021
Dr. Ernest L. Baker (MSIAC)
Single event, go/no-go testing is used for a broad range of applications.  Other than the Probit method, these test methods all entail subjecting a sample of items to various stimulus levels, one at a time.  The stimulus levels are selected based on experimental parameters and the results of items previously tested. For each test, the outcome is limited to one of two results, either a response or no response.
The stimulus levels are chosen in the region of mixed response, i.e. the stimulus levels that have non-negligible probability of both responding and not responding. It is important to choose the stimulus levels with care. Tests conducted at stimulus levels that have essentially zero probability of responding / not responding contribute little information.  
This report provides an overview of the current test and analysis methods that are generally accepted for single event testing.

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