O-194 An International Review of Gun Launch Explosive Setback

December 2018
Dr. Ernest L. Baker

This document describes the results of an international review of Gun Launch Explosive Setback. The purpose of this review is to identify issues related to gun launch explosive setback, identify issues related to setback actuator testing, identify and share best practice and to make recommendations to develop or update a related STANAG if needed. To perform the review, MSIAC created a questionnaire in conjunction with the lead of the NATO AC/326 SG/A Gun Launch Setback Ignition Study Working Group and several subject matter experts. The on-line questionnaire was subsequently published on the MSIAC web site. Notices were sent to the MSIAC national focal point officers, participants of the Gun Launch Setback Ignition Study Working Group and a list of subject matter experts. After reception and analysis of the answers and other related documents, MSIAC summarized the results and presented them to the NATO AC/326 SG/A Gun Launch Setback Ignition Study Working Group. This document provides an analysis of the answers received and provides some recommendations to potentially support the development of a STANREC, STANAG or an amendment to STANAG 4761 and AAS3P-20, Safety and Suitability for Service Assessment Testing of Large Calibre Ammunition Greater than 40mm.

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