O-181 Gun Testing Ballistics Issues for IM Fragment Impact Testing

December 2017
Dr Ernest L. Baker, Emmanuel Schultz

The STANAG 4496 Ed. 1 Fragment Impact, Munitions Test Procedure is normally conducted by gun launching a projectile for attack against a munition.  The purpose of this test is to assess the reaction of a munition impacted by a fragment.  The test specifies a standardized projectile (fragment) with a standard test velocity of 2530±90 m/s. The standard test velocity can be challenging to achieve and has several loosely defined and undefined characteristics that can affect the test item response.  MSIAC performed and international review of the STANAG 4496 related to the fragment impact test.  To perform the review, MSIAC created a questionnaire in conjunction with the custodian of this STANAG and sent it to test centers.  Fragment velocity variation, projectile tilt upon impact, aim point variation and projectile material were identified as observed gun testing issues.  These, as well as other gun testing issues, have significant implications to resulting IM response.

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