O-173 MTM Mitigation Techniques for Munitions - Easy Access Online!

October 2016
Emmanuel Schultz

Developing insensitive munitions (IM) does not always or only mean developing new energetic materials. The IM characteristics can also be improved by using mitigation technologies, like barriers to protect munitions against fragment impacts or venting systems to limit the increase of pressure, especially during heating.

In order to share knowledge in this area, MSIAC has developed a web-based application called Mitigation Techniques for Munitions (MTM). MTM includes a database of mitigation technologies and a powerful search engine; and is accessible via the MSIAC Portal.

In the application, the technologies are described based on information found in the literature (e.g. patents, conferences) and, when possible, are illustrated with pictures or drawings. Relevant attributes have been defined and assigned to each technology. All these attributes can be searched thanks to the search engine.

This paper describes the architecture of the database, and some features of this new MSIAC web-based application:

  • The on-line platform (main page, detail view, help page, reference page)
  • the content of the database
  • the search engine
  • other features like printing and exporting

The associated presentation will describe some examples of use of the database as well as technologies available for solid rocket motors.