O-165 Mitigation techniques for munitions technical specifications FR-EN

August 2015
Emmanuel Schultz (Propulsion Technology)

Mitigation Techniques for Munitions (MTM) is a web based application including a database of mitigation techniques and a powerful search engine. It is currently in development within MSIAC with the aim of being deployed on MSIAC server by the end of 2015. It will allow the user to find mitigation techniques to mitigate against IM threats.

In the past, MSIAC developed a software named M3 (Mitigation Methods for Munitions) which is a compendium of mitigation methods. This software has several limitations, including a limited search capability and the fact that every update requires the user to install of a new version on their computer.

MTM will improve the user and administrator experience by adding several features. The product will be updated online by the administrator, which will allow an increase of the number of techniques available. The searching feature will be improved, allowing the user to make complex queries and searching for more data than currently possible. This product will be accessible from the MSIAC portal.

This paper will detail the technical specification of this application and the associated presentation will present the architecture and some features of the database.