O-162 Integrated Munition Health Management - A cooperative demonstration of technology

May 2015
Emmanuel Schultz (Propulsion Technology), Steve Wagstaff (Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd), Robert Mueller (BNet Corporation, Inc.)

Munition Health Management (MHM) is an approach to enhance the way we manage munitions in NATO. This applies to both legacy and future munition systems ranging from flares to missile systems across tri-service domains. It aligns Technology with a variety of Disciplines and Organisations that is structured towards a Common Goal. The output enhances our understanding of relative Risk and provides a number of associated benefits. These benefits have transversal impacts on cost, safety and performance.

The Cooperative Demonstration of Technologies (CDT) took place in the NATO HQ in October 2014 and focused upon demonstrating this new approach. The contextual benefits included munitions safety, performance, interoperability, and whole-life cost. This paper describes the background, relevance to NATO and the structure of the CDT, with directives and guidance on future implementation.