O-160 MSIAC Shaped Charge Jet Workshop: Report for IMEMTS, Rome 2015

April 2015
Manfred Becker (Warhead Technology)

MSIAC (Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center) focuses on Supporting Member Nations in the Enhancement of their Munitions Life Cycle Safety. In support of this objective, MSIAC hosted a workshop in May 2014 on SCJ assessment with the underlying theme to improve scientific understanding as well as confidence in the testing and assessment processes across Nations. In addition to the review of the jet characteristics and AUR test considerations, the workshop hosted sessions to discuss and identify small scale testing and modelling capabilities. This was done to consider how these could be used along with all-up-round test results in order to improve confidence in the assessment. The workshop concluded with a list of recommendations. This MSIAC paper informs the greater IM/EM community of the technical outcomes and recommendations from this successful workshop.