O-157 The development and future of EMC

September 2014
Dr Matthew Andrews (Energetic Materials), Emmanuel Schultz (Propulsion Technology)

Large quantities of data, associated with energetic materials, are published in the open literature from conference proceedings (ICT, Gordon Research, KISHEM, IMEMTS), workshops (Nitrocellulose, New High Explosives) and journal articles (PEP, J. Energetic Materials). This data, including formulation ingredients, performance properties, hazard data, is of value to nations carrying out research into new materials but not all publications are readily available and searching can be resource intensive.

To aid its nations, MSIAC developed the Energetic Materials Compendium (EMC) as a single source for formulation, ingredients, performance and safety information. EMC is currently a secured access, online database with over 1250 formulations, 600+ ingredients and 600 references. A large number of these formulations are qualified and used in munitions. The database can be searched by ingredient, percentage of ingredient, performance criteria or test criteria.

A comparison will be made with other energetic products (databases and thermochemical codes) and another MSIAC product, Advanced Insensitive Munitions Search (AIMS). This paper aims to highlight the evolution of EMC, its future role and how energetic research scientists can make use of the data within.

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