O-156 AIMS: Advanced Insensitive Munitions Search

July 2014
Emmanuel Schultz (Propulsion Technology), Dr Pierre-François Péron (DGA/IPE) (Warhead Technology)

AIMS is a web-based platform for quick and easy search of IM (Insensitive Munitions) Test Results. It combines the test results on munitions response to the six IM threats that were previously in separate Excel databases: BIRD (Bullet Impact Results Database), FRAID (FRAgment Impact Database), SYR (SYmpathetic Reaction), DARTS (Database of Ammunition Reactions To Shaped charge jet), HEAT Fast Cook-off and HEAT Slow Cook-off.

In AIMS platform, the IM test results are still available per IM insult. The interfaces to display main test results information are close to those used in the Excel format. The useful Excel features have been reproduced in the web-based environment (pictures, comments, sort, etc.).

The platform also offers much more in comparison with the Excel databases. A large number of complementary information has been added and harmoniously displayed in detail views available for each test result. For each IM database, most types of information are fully searchable through an intuitive, powerful and user-friendly search engine.

The platform also enables the users to search through all the databases at once by using a unique and simple interface. The results are displayed per IM threat in separate tabs that reproduce the interfaces of each database. Tests performed with the standardized IM threats can also be sorted in a synthesized table that easily allows comparison of the munitions IM signatures.

One can also find a list of references used to populate the database as well as a description of commonly used generic test units and shaped charges.

This paper describes the features of the application and the type of information one can search and display.

KEY WORDS: Database, Testing, Energetic Materials, WEB application

Presentation details

This paper was presented at the 10th ISICP in June 2014 in Poitiers, France


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