O-138 Review on Thermochemical Codes

February 2011
Dr Ernst-Christian Koch (Energetic Materials) , Rutger Webb, TNO, Netherlands , Volker Weiser, Fraunhofer-ICT, Germany

The present report summarizes the adiabatic equilibrium composition and combustion temperature for the following energetic materials: black powder, Magnesium/Teflon/Viton, red Bengal flare composition, spectral flare composition, Al/MoO3-thermite, M 30 gun propellant at various pressures ranging from 0.01 MPa up to 10 MPa.  The data were calculated with seven different thermochemical codes, CERV, CHEETAH 5.0, EKVI, ICT, NASA, REAL and TANAKA Code

Presentation details

4th Workshop on Pyrotechnic Combustion Mechanism on June 25th 2006 in Pfinztal, Germany40th International Annual Conference of ICT, June 2009, Karlsruhe, Germany36th International Pyrotechnics Seminar, August 2009 in Rotterdam, the NetherlandsPARARI 2009, November 2009 in Adelaide, Australia