O-137 Marking Munitions

February 2011
Thomas N. Taylor

Recent discussions about marking munitions that contain an insensitive high explosive fill appear to be gaining support in the US Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel have expressed their desire to know if munitions contain an explosive fill that is less sensitive to detonate.  Experience in the field by EOD technicians has shown that as much as twice the amount of explosive donor material is needed to successfully and cleanly destroy (detonate) insensitive high explosives than their legacy (e.g. TNT, Comp B) high explosive counterparts.  EOD personnel at the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Center (EODTC) have expressed a concern that not knowing the explosive fill leads to incomplete detonation, secondary detonation attempts, imprecise (over or under) application of donor material, and increased risk to EOD personnel in field applications. This concern appears to be shared throughout the US EOD community and therefore MSIAC was asked to express their opinion on the matter.

Presentation details

This paper was presented to the AC/326 at its meeting held on 6-10 December 2010 at NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium