O-128 Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center and a munition safety timeline

December 2009
Bernie Halls (Munitions Systems)

The Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center (MSIAC) provides information and advice to its member nations and also works within NATO to provide information and support in developing munitions safety standards and documentation. Its core element was the introduction of reduced sensitivity and reduced accidental reaction from munitions. The term “Insensitive Munitions” (IM) is used to indicate when munitions exhibit reduced vulnerability when measured against the pass levels in (NATO Standardization Agreement) STANAG 4439. This task continues and is a core part of reducing the risk to personnel, assets and capability. A considerable piece of work has recently been concluded and published, which was the updating of STANAG 4439 and a considerable enhancement of AOP 39. An ongoing task is the review of Response Descriptors, which has led to the proposal of significant changes to the criteria for assessing the response to the six standardized aggressions.
There are currently proposals to modify some of the IM test STANAGs and MSIAC will offer support to the various NATO sub-committees involved.

This paper will explain why the ‘Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center’ (MSIAC) exists and what it achieves. MSIAC is based in NATO Head Quarters in Brussels and is paid for by twelve nations, nine in NATO and three others.

Presentation details

This briefing was given with a poster at the 8th ISICP in Cape Town, South Africa on 2-6 November 2009