O-126 TEMPER: 2009 Development Roadmap (Toolbox for Engineering Models to Predict Explosive Reactions)

June 2009
Dr Pierre-François Péron (Warhead Technology), Emmanuel Lapébie, DGA/DET/CEG, France, Nicolas Daly, SME/CRB, France

TEMPER, an acronym for Toolbox for Engineering Models to Predict Explosive Reactions, is a "library" of empirical, analytical and numerical models dedicated to ammunition safety.  This software has been made available by France/DGA/CEG to MSIAC nations’ experts in an “open source” philosophy, in order to allow easy integration of custom models or enhancement of existing ones by third party developers.

The objective of this project is to support the use of modeling in assessing munitions safety. The ultimate goal is to provide the community with a common tool that could become a reference in the S3 community if models and parameters exchanges between participants to this project work well.

The purpose of the present paper is to describe our development roadmap for 2009, including the incorporation of SME/CRB vulnerability models.  At the end of 2008, SME/CRB decided to share the sources of their in-house models with the TEMPER community, and a part of our work this year will be to plug these models into our code.