O-124 Modelling of warhead response to projectile impact with TEMPER software

June 2009
Dr Pierre-François Péron (Warhead Technology), Emmanuel Lapébie (Centre d'Etudes, Gramat, France), Frédéric Grannec (Trainee, MSIAC)

TEMPER, an acronym for Toolbox for Engineering Models to Predict Explosive Reactions, is a "toolbox" of empirical and analytical models dedicated to ammunition safety. TEMPER v2.0 was released in October 2007 and includes a large variety of mechanical threats as well as models to predict a warhead detonation threshold to such aggressions. Jacobs-Roslund is the only one available for covered explosives and its use is limited as model parameters have been determined for few explosives. An analytical approach has been developed to estimate these parameters from explosive shock sensitivity. A conical fragment model has also been implemented. This model is also a significant improvement as it enables the user to simulate the NATO fragment and should help to predict the response of warheads to this IM threat. This paper presents these new developments and illustrates through different examples the benefits of these new features in estimating the response of a warhead.

Presentation details

This paper was presented to the IMEMTS 2009 held on 11-14 May 2009 in Tucson, AZ, USA